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About me

After suffering from chronic sleep deprivation post my first boy and scouring through books and papers on sleep coaching and sleep issues,I defined my course : ‘ Road to independent sleep’ to help every family inclined to achieve peace and harmony in their lifestyle.
Assuming my medical knowledge and pediatric training would guide me through motherhood with ease, I glided through my early days as a mother clueless about all the mistakes I was doing to mess up my child’s sleep and feeding routine.
I presumed that after 12 -14 years of medical training I would be equipped to be a mother for an infant. The next few years, my son taught me a lot about infant sleep cycles, sleep parents, and cues that none of the medical textbooks even mentioned about!
This was my way to learning how different parenthood is from being a pediatric specialist physician ! He humbled me with all the knowledge he showered me with and set me in this trail of seeking the road to freedom and the road to a peaceful family.
I finally learnt and defined what ideal sleep for an infant is considered to be and how to get there.
I researched about all the different practices across the world among different countries and ethnic groups and figured what those obstacles are that prevented parents from doing what is best for their child with regards to sleep. I figured out the solutions to various problems such as newborns waking every hour, or getting toddlers to stay in bed.
My course :’ Road to independent sleep’ will teach you all the vital aspects that you need to know as a parent for a child that your primary care physician would not be able to achieve in the clinic visit. Like lactation course , Lamar birthing course, you will realize that this sleep course will vanish all myths about sleep and actually help you manage your infant who would be spending more than 50-70% of their time in sleep or going to sleep in the first 3 years of their life !
Road to independent sleep will equip you with the tool belt of knowledge not just pertaining to your child’s sleep bit will help you understand your child’s temperament and help get to relevant milestones appropriately without hindrance from sleep deprivation.