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Is an empty Stomach = Frequent night  awakenings?

On one of my clinic visits a parent  poised this  question, He hardly  eats . He frequently wakes up at night . I think he is too attached”.

My question:  “ What do you do when he wakes up ?”She  replied :” I  go in  and get him into my bed and give him milk . I let him cuddle with me and then he sleeps”.

Is this you??

Yes, you… reading it.

All is fine if the child is at a safe age for  co sleeping  and is not kicking you in your  back and stomach  and in the process waking you up frequently.

If he is a straight sleeper am happy for you .But if he is not then read below for the next  90 seconds.

Are you getting your restful sleep  important  for  recovery .  Did you know  that  chronic  subtle  sleep  deprivation  leads to  diabetes,  hypertension and  adrenal issues, increased hunger hormones  and hair loss?

Did you know that night feedings  lead to tooth  issues and attention issues in toddlers?

Can you wake up in the night, go to the fridge get a snack  and then  sleep restfully. If you are doing that  to  consume  20 %  or greater of your  total calories then you are a night  eater and you need to change before your health tumbles  down .

Your child need not be a night feeder unless he is less than  6-8 months of  age.

A full stomach causes reflex and your child ‘s reticular endothelial system ( technical name for  habit forming site in the brain) has learnt to eat  when he wakes up . This is not real hunger unless he is drinking  8 oz of milk and a  snack when he wakes up . If he is, then either increase calories during day time, if nutrition in daytime is insufficient or reduce the quantity and density of  snacks/feeds during the awakening  gradually .

FIRST start by reducing the amount of feeding during night awakenings. THEN  address how you would handle the night awakening location change or  activity you have  indulged him in ( i.e. rocking ,  swinging , etc.).

Aka full stomach is NOT equivalent to a restful sleep.

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