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Resistance to bedtime routines and changes in young kids.

I don’t like to sleep here.”.

“I don’t want to sleep”.

“I am angry with you for not sleeping with me”.

Have you heard of all these things when you  tried to change something in the  your parenting  style.  As a parent and care taker  we  cannot expect  anything  different from our little ones when  we propose change.  As an employee  would you  accept  change  right away  without a simple comment even if the proposed change is progressive.  I heard a lot of staff complain at my workplace when logging work time became automated and easier using ID cards.

Our child are individuals with opinions that need to be respected.

When your child resists sleep,  maybe his  power or attention bucket for the day has not been  filled.  Maybe he needs a few extra minutes of cuddle time or  story time?

Resistance to change is a behavioral milestone for young kids and  should be  sorted out  just  as we do with grownups!. Change  of  bedtime , change in bedtime routine even though progressive will meet with initial resistance that should not be mistaken  for adamance.

Consistency is key. Have you decided to adapt to a new routine?  Your child resists.  Consistency, clear expectations verbalized and patience in hearing out his  laments about it  will let him know  that you  mean business and  you provide security to him by creating  boundary for him .

Explain to your  child how  independent sleeping and early bedtimes are useful in the form of a story .  Storytelling and story recollection  are the best  way  for  a child  to adapt and internalize experiences  to new routine as Dr. Daniel  J. Siegel  says in his book: The Whole brain child.

Take that step mama and papa! Jump into teaching your  child  to sleep  independently and  claim your  bed and  nights back !. A sleepless mama is NOT equivalent to a good mama. Break your mental   stereotypes.

Welcome to road to independent sleep


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