Baby Sleep Clinics

Glorifying pain in parenting.

“ I need a glass of wine to help me at the end of the day .I am a parent of two kids under 5 !.

“ I feel like I need  tiramisu or  a double chocolate cake to reward myself in the night after all here have slept. “

“ I need atleast  3 smokes after my youngest sleeps.”

“I need to binge watch  Netflix with  caramel  popcorn for me to function the next  day .”

All our coping mechanism to deal with everyday life and parenting signify this:   Distraction from pain and feeling of helplessness and hence we all need to sit and  lick our wounds in our own ways until we  feel  we have healed.

I can no way  help heal all the wounds in  one email or blog but  ensuring kids and you are in bed at the right time is  one of the best  scientifically  supported agendas to heal .

Having a design to be your own architect of your evenings after a  full days work, you  would have to have herculean will power to  create  every single day . As parents we are all as great as the Hercules every evening.

Give it a little thought and plant that seed in your thought bed as to why not shy away from the Nemean lion and the Hercules fight every  evening with your toddler or kid to   ensure they get to bed and  sleep.

For as little as 10 $ get your sleep queries answered and conserve your limited  will power as  Veronica Job  said (PhD.)  for  bigger projects like  painting with your kid, baking with your kid , despite deadlines,  despite night  work  , despite  weekend work .


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