Baby Sleep Clinics

Co-sleeping =Attachment parenting. Does Crib sleeping mean I am not attached?

I have heard numerous mothers and fathers say that they co-sleep.  It is convenient for our family and for breastfeeding. Breast feeding is an important aspect of early motherhood and infanthood and to facilitate this an infant sleeping on a separate sleep surface, close to mother, separated by a barrier to avoid unintentional smothering is hands down supported by American Academy of Pediatrics.

 But what if you are sleep deprived, overwhelmed, wondering why you aren’t producing enough milk like you were before and feeling lost in this whole parenthood maze? What if sleeping together as a family is helping one parent but not helping the other? What if Co-sleeping is hindering your marital life and connection?

This is where you do not judge yourself and label yourself as a “non-attached parent “and move on to what works best for you as a family scenario without trying to reach up to a standard that you imagined in your pregnancy days as a family.  A loving, connected, sensitive child is born even out of “non co- sleeping”!  Empathy, love, expression of love and concern could also be done during awake hours.  What needs to change is your perception and gold standard that “William Sears is the only way!”.

The road to independent sleep will hold your hand and your child’s hand to guide you through what works best for you and emphasize that you are connected through the process and in no way being detrimental to your child’s emotional wellbeing. Depressed overwhelmed, stressed parent/s cannot give much to any relationship whether towards a child or a partner.  Explore independent sleeping with an open mind and without prejudice and you shall see the light walk towards your family!

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