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The Road to Independent Sleep course will…

Alleviate your sleep issues and make you feel energetic and radiant throughout the day.

Will sort your life like clockwork and help you gain control over your work and social lives around your baby’s schedule.

Give you the mental energy to be involved in your baby’s early years and make lasting memories without disturbing your work and family lives.

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Know exactly when your little one naps and when your toddler gets out of bed, and have your errands, coffee chats, shopping trips, playdates…all sorted and planned to cruise through your day to end with a no hassle bedtime.
Yes, all this is up to you and your tool belt of knowing the independent sleep technique.

Give your child the gift of restful nights and see how they blossom into their own personality without the toddler sleep tantrums and behavior ripples caused by sleep deprivation.

Your child is a wonderful, independent person born to be their own. Our process only helps them be who they are. We are not training them, and we are not abandoning them. Every sleep plan we formulate we do with due respect to your child’s temperament and your parenting style. If you are here with us now, we know that your priority is parenting, and you know that achieving results involves commitment and consistency. We will be your navigation system on your road to achieving what you want for your child.

As soon as I got pregnant, I started my research on baby sleeping, spoke to friends, read multiple blogs, and browsed the internet, I felt somewhat confident and reasonable prepared for sleep. However, once she arrived everything that I learnt was useless with sleep. For weeks on end, we were waking up multiple times in the night, we were exhausted! Sravanti was a savior, she guided us and really helped train my daughter to get her sleeping through the night by 6 months. It definitely was money well spent, she gave me confidence and pointers to get through the rough nights. We are so grateful for all the help and highly recommend her. I will again use her for my next baby!!
When my baby was born, I got a lot of free advice - how to feed, bathe, swaddle the baby etc. But one thing most parents mentioned was "get ready for sleepless nights." And soon enough that became my reality. We had realized soon that it’s hard getting your child to sleep in their own bed. The first few months my husband and I bore it thinking this is part of being a parent. But things got a lot tougher when both of us needed to get back to work. With 12–14-hour workdays, being sleep deprived was not an option (despite WFH arrangements). So, we reached out to Dr. Ess through a friend and were introduced to the road to independent sleep. It's not magic. It requires work. But after 4+ months of following the regimen, I can tell you proudly that my baby now sleeps 10.5 to 12 hours at night. Yup! I put him to bed at 7:30pm and can come back at 7am. And all this without too many tears and tantrums. We started with implementing some of the guided lessons, but soon decided to take the 1:1 classis as it was more tailored for our baby. Dr. Ess has been very patient with us first-time parents, guiding us through each step. Her practical/implementable step by step approach was very easy to follow and it was also easy to measure the impact of each step on our son's sleep and wake cycles. Aside from a restful nighttime sleep (for both me and my baby), having a predictable daytime schedule allowed me and the nanny to plan activities for him more easily. Having seen the benefits firsthand, I highly recommend her road to independent sleep approach. Now my advice to all new parents is "you don't have to have sleepless nights! Just talk to Dr. Ess.
After my daughter Anayka was born I was sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and struggled adjusting to the demands of motherhood. I started working with Ess at Baby sleep clinics and she changed my life. My daughter would wake up every few hours in the night and I would have to rock her back to sleep. Ess’s personalized sleep plan gave me the confidence to take the necessary steps needed to help my baby sleep through the night in her crib. It was not easy for me or my child, but she was always there and super quick to respond to my messages. She was an incredible support through our sleep training process.